Boulder police ticketing for not pushing the button at crosswalks
By: Ashley Michels for KDVR
July 19, 2017

“We want to educate people on the safety of traveling through crosswalks as well as the intersections,” Boulder Transportation Planner Matthew Jones said.

According to city-provided data, 60 percent of crashes with serious and fatal injuries happen in crosswalks. Overall, crosswalks are the most common locations for collisions between vehicles and pedestrians.

“It’s something that we’re tackling here in Boulder, statewide and nationally and these crosswalk crashes and collisions are something that we deal with,” Jones said.

Police will be specifically monitoring three city traffic ordinances:

• Pedestrians and cyclists must press the “walk” button before entering the crosswalk, or face a $50 fine.
• Cyclists must slow to 8mph while crossing, or face a $50 fine.
• Drivers must stop at crosswalks if pedestrians are present and allow them to cross, or face a $125 fine.

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