Proposed Initiative for 2020: Shall there be a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes requiring any financial penalty, including a fine or forfeiture, imposed by a government entity to be allocated first to the victim of the offense, if any, with the remainder of the financial penalty allocated to an eligible charity designated by the person paying the financial penalty rather than being retained by the government entity?


If this ballot initiative passes, specific fines levied on YOU by a government agency, whether from law enforcement tickets or regulatory sanctions, can be paid to a registered charity of your choice instead of becoming revenue for an overreaching government. 

Want to know more about how city, county, and state governments use fine collection to increase revenue at the expense of Colorado citizens?

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The goal of Stop The Shakedowns is to reverse what has become an alarming trend of revenue seeking hyper-enforcement for victimless crimes, which is being used consistently and effortlessly by entities of government, against the people.  

It's time to put a stop to shaking down the public and the business community!


There is only one way to reduce the size, scope and burgeoning aggressive nature of government: to return to a time where government was there to provide services desired by the people, and in the case of law enforcement, to serve and protect.  

No matter how much money is taken from the people, the lust for more will ever increase so long as the people continue to allow it.  That money taken from all of us will continually be used to augment activities which create and sustain more ways to swindle the American people, thus furthering the erosion of our free society. 

Every year, more laws and regulations are created which serve one main purpose - to extract money from the people under the guise of helping them.  Does this mean laws are never needed?  Absolutely not.  But when laws produce fines which will in turn produce revenue, that's a shakedown that needs to stop.  The fastest way to buck this trend is to remove the ability for any government entity to self-enrich at the expense of the people.